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Pro-Palestinian supporters protest near President Biden campaign event

Protesters gather near President Biden campaign event to call for Gaza cease-fire
Protesters gather near President Biden campaign event to call for Gaza cease-fire 02:53

Pro-Palestinian activists once again gathered for a protest calling for a cease fire in Gaza. This time they protested in Pacific Heights just blocks from where President Biden was holding a campaign event.

With the goal of getting President Biden's attention, hundreds of pro-Palestine supporters rallied at a park not far from the President's scheduled event, calling on him to support a cease fire in Gaza and end military aid to Israel.

"I think he should be stronger and stand up to Netanyahu who's basically turning around and saying we're not going to do anything you say President Biden. We don't want a two-state solution. So, he's laughing all the way to the bank and I want Biden to look strong and not weak," said protester Marita Mayer.

"He is the President of the United States. We are the most powerful country militarily, economically, in so many different facets, like he has the power to influence the international community and help out, like if he wanted to, he could," said protester Cecelia Garofoli.

Many of these protesters have marched in dozens of pro-Palestine rallies in San Francisco since the war between Israel and Hamas began.

A lot of them told me they continue to feel like their government and President Biden specifically are ignoring what they see as a humanitarian crisis.

"You have a right to protect yourself but destroying the housing of 1.5 million people, that is so unnecessary to protect yourself. It's genocide," said activist David Jones.

"His response, his behavior and stance throughout his whole career has just been absolutely disgusting and appalling. He should know, everyone should know that us the people are not okay with this," said protester Rafael Austria.

These protesters say they hope President Biden understands when it comes to his re-election, his response to the war will play a big role in who chooses to support him.

"I think he needs to continually be experiencing the pressure that the majority of Americans are not down with how he's treating this and that we're not going to shut up, we're not going to be quiet until something's actually done about it," said protester Sara Cullen Fong.

The protesters did march down towards where the president was appearing at one of his campaign events. They were diverted and then stopped by police within a few blocks of the event.

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