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Pro-Choice California Republicans Stay Focused On The Economy

TAMPA, Fla.(KCBS)—While the Romney-Ryan ticket has a newly adopted platform that calls for a constitutional amendment banning all abortions, California's pro-choice Republicans remain supportive of the candidates.

Most Californians, of all political affiliations, are in favor of abortion rights for women but that's not stopping Republican supporters from the Bay Area like Sally Zelikovsky, who is one of the party whips for the California delegation at the Republican National Convention.

KCBS' Doug Sovern Reports:

"There's a lot of diversity in the Republican Party and there always has been," she said. "I myself am a pro-choice Republican. I think you'll find a lot of pro-choice Republicans."

Zelikovsky, who is also a Marin County Tea Party activist, said that most people are not single-issue voters, and that it's not all about abortion because most American are more concerned about the economy.

"They are worried about kitchen table issues: 'How am I going to pay for retirement, my kids' college? Am I going to be able to pay my mortgage?' That's what average Americans across the political spectrum are thinking. They're not talking about abortion," she said.

The nominees may not want to talk about abortion either as they try to close a ten point gender gap among female voters.

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