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President Greeted By Protests At SF JAZZ Center After Chinatown Speech

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the SF JAZZ Center on Franklin Street to greet the president as he arrived after making a speech in Chinatown.

The largest group of demonstrators to take issue with President Obama on a number of topics included a group of environmental activists concerned about the possible installation of the Keystone XL Pipeline. This is the controversial plan to pump Canadian oil through the U.S. in a pipeline that trails through the Midwest and ends in the Gulf of Mexico.

Smaller groups were present to protest the use of military drones and others held signs that voiced complaints over health care-related issues.

President Greeted By Protests At SF JAZZ Center After Chinatown Speech

Toward the end of Monday's address, two people positioned among the crowd on the dais behind the president interrupted his speech, calling on the President to end forced deportations of undocumented immigrants. They were allowed to stay while Obama completed his remarks.

Outside, everyone appeared to be peaceful as Fell Street and surrounding blocks were shut down for the president's arrival.

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