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Popularity of TV show about Jesus and his followers pushes series into 4th season

Religious drama The Chosen set to start fourth season on Amazon
Religious drama The Chosen set to start fourth season on Amazon 01:49

The Chosen TV series, which follows the life and movement of Jesus, with a special focus on the lens of his followers, has become popular with religious and non-religious viewers.

It's also one of the highest-funded media projects in crowdfunding history, according to Angel Studios. 

As the show ventures into season four, Professor MacRae at UC Berkeley, a Roman historian, explains the curiosity of such an ancient story.

"One of the reasons the story is so fascinating, is that this is a story about a small group of people. That movement really took off in history right? Now there is over a billion Christians," MacRae said.

And according to actor Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus, even those who are not of the faith, are fans of the historical series.

"We get letters from atheists about the fact that they don't necessarily believe everything that has happened to the story, but they love the story," Roumie explained.

Professor MacRae said the production did a good job with casting a more diverse and realistic depiction of the semitic, eastern culture of the time and region

"They were men and women who lived in the Middle East and they looked like how people of the Middle East would look today," MacRae said.

Roumie said playing such an impactful role that has touched so many, has been life-changing.

"The fact that we are trying to tell the story with a level of authenticity, true to the gospels, to me, signifies a deeper need within the human race, as they respond to this kind of story, that it's something that is within our DNA, something we're designed for, to have a relationship with our creator," Roumie said. 

The show's success has kept the production busy.

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