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Popular Group Fitness Studio Rumble Boxing Hits San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) - A popular, trendy New York City-based group fitness studio is the latest to hit San Francisco. Rumble Boxing is not your no-frills, traditional boxing gym.

Its a 45-minute class split between hitting water-filled punching bags with boxing gloves on and strength training exercises with weights on the bench.

"No one gets hit in here. So it's all about the workout. Boxing as you said has been around for hundreds of years, and it's always been this amazing full body workout. We just made it approachable," said Rumble CEO Andy Stenzler.

It's a high-energy and high-intensity workout in a nightclub setting.

"This is a boxing gateway drug," said founding trainer Alvin Holden. "People that would normally be intimidated by one of those traditional boxing gyms that might not go, would come here."

Projections around the studio display each move making it easy for people to follow along.

"Once you're having fun, then the results in the body will come," added Stenzler. "So we focused a lot on making it just this amazing, fulfilling experience."

At Rumble, trainers double as DJs.  There is as much attention paid to the music, mood and setting, as there is to the technique. So it's by no accident that the space is Instagram-ready.

The Financial District location has street-style art that is specific to the Bay Area. You'll find Steve Jobs, Mrs. Doubtfire and the cast of Full House ready to throw 'em up.

"There's not another group fitness class that I've taken or taught that's more fun than this," said Holden.

More than half of the classes on opening day December 18 are sold out, making it the biggest opening yet for the brand.

Rumble has big plans for the Bay Area next year. It is planning to open more studios in Palo Alto, the Castro, SoMa and two in the Marina. Interested parties can learn more at the Rumble website.

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