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Popular Bay Area Restaurant 'Pasta Pomodoro' Suddenly Closes

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) -- The popular Bay Area restaurant chain, Pasta Pomodoro abruptly closed its doors.

Christine Chan arrived with her family of eight to the Pasta Pomodoro in Santana Row Wednesday afternoon, looking forward to their pesto and bread, but all she got was a heaping serving of disappointment.

Official details are hard to come by from the privately owned restaurant chain, but it appears they've suddenly shuttered all their locations overnight, even surprising their own employees.

"I don't know where we're going to go," she said.

Dishes, condiments, napkins and silverware are neatly stacked, as if they're ready for another day.

There isn't even dust on the tables.

Founded in 1994, the restaurant had as many as 46 locations, serving affordable Italian food standards in a straightforward culinary style.

But new owners took over in 2010 who tried unsuccessfully tried to turn the chain around by refining the brand.

At last report, the website showed just 15 locations in the Bay Area.

As for the Chan family, the closure has left them scrambling for last minute options.

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