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Popular Bay Area rabbit bringing smiles to residents, helping raise money for charity

Popular Bay Area rabbit Alex the Great helping bring smiles to residents
Popular Bay Area rabbit Alex the Great helping bring smiles to residents 02:36

While Dolly Parton's Pet Gala went to the dogs on Wednesday night, there's a very popular rabbit in the Bay Area that's almost like a dog except for his perky bunny ears.

He's handsome, fluffy, cuddly and one of a kind. It's rare to find a bunny this outgoing and gentle. 

"He's probably one in a million," said Josh Row.

Row adopted Alex the Great three years ago. 

"We ended up rescuing him from a meat farm down in Modesto," he said.

The Flemish Giant now weighs 30 pounds and enjoys cruising around town in his mini-car. He also loves meeting people and gets love everywhere he goes. 

"He's very dog-like, but I think he thinks he's part human too," he said. "He's got to be in the middle of everything, but he's a good boy."

Life for Alex the Great goes way beyond making friends and having fun. He does photoshoots so he can donate money to charity. 

He's also a certified therapy animal and volunteers as part of the Wag Brigade at Bay Area airports and visits patients in hospice care. 

"I truly get gratification from people enjoying him, enjoying seeing him," Row said. "Not just seeing a rabbit but a rabbit who truly is enjoying this. It's rewarding in its own way."

Alex the Great and his dad Josh put in a lot of work to be able to volunteer. He had to pass the same temperament tests as his pup friends. 

"He's got to be trained just like a dog," Row said. "That means he has to be able to be command trained, and so he understands commands. Not necessarily verbal commands like you do with a dog, but he does more hand signals."

Now, he has adoring fans around the world with more than 25,000 followers on Instagram. And his dad is there to take good care of him every step of the way as he comforts everyone he meets. 

"This one knows I know what he's thinking," Row said. "So he's not too worried about any situation. He'll never leave my sight."

Alex the Great will be back at Oracle Park this season to watch the Giants play ball. Win or lose, he'll always be happy to get a head rub from new and old friends.

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