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Poll Shows Surprising Bay Area Support For Key Trump Immigration Policies

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- An exclusive new Survey USA poll offered a stunning snapshot of where the Bay Area stands on immigration Monday, with the new numbers revealing that more local residents are backing President Trump's policies than you might think.

The KPIX 5 Survey USA Poll showed more than half of people support a key element of the President's immigration policy.

53 percent said local law enforcement should always contact federal authorities about illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes.

The even bigger surprise was the number of Bay Area Hispanics who supported notifying the feds.

While the mayors of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland have all pledged to remain sanctuary cities, many people in the Bay Area are all for local law enforcement communicating with immigration agents.

When it comes to serious drug related crimes, Bay Area residents -- including Bay Area Hispanics -- agreed ICE agents should be kept informed.

70 percent of respondents said yes, ICE should always be notified about serious drug offenders.

That number included a whopping 83 percent of independents, 78 percent of Republicans and 63 percent of Democrats.

Right now San Francisco does not notify ICE about immigrants who have committed serious drug crimes.

For that to happen, a person has to be convicted of three serious drug offenses in the last five years and there has to be probable cause that the person committed a fourth serious drug offense.

Then the sheriff can tell immigration officials when that person is being released from local custody so the feds can then make an arrest.

San Francisco Supervisor Mark Ferrell told KPIX 5 he is a firm believer in SF's sanctuary city policy.  is in favor of the current law and says any changes should come from law enforcement.

"This policy was done in conjunction with our sheriff's department," explained Ferrell. "I think it's also important to make sure we haven an open-door policy and an understanding that, if our sheriff's department or our police department believe that those laws should be changed, they will actively come to us at the Board of Supervisors if we need to change any laws in the name of public safety."

Still, the sanctuary law might get more complicated in the future under President Trump.

"Down the road here, we need to be very mindful and we're going have to focus on things, the arrows he's going to sling our way," said Ferrell.

The Bay Area is fairly split on whether California should become a sanctuary state, with 43 percent in favor of the idea and 39 percent against.

According to the poll, Bay Area residents say U.S. Immigration policy is moving in the wrong direction by a two to one margin.

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