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Police Target Topless Servers In SJ Coffee Houses

SAN JOSE (CBS 5) - Neighbors have long complained that some San Jose coffee shops look more like gentlemen's clubs. Now, police are taking action.

It's against the law to be topless in San Jose, but both police and elected officials have known for some time that topless servers are an issue at some Vietnamese coffee houses.

Authorities recently received undercover video from the wife of a man who frequented the Quyen Café.

According to San Jose Police, officers in full uniform walked into the club around 8:30 p.m. Sunday. On the spot, police cited two 22-year-old women and a 23-year-old, for serving customers while topless. Officials said the offense violates the municipal code, and will require the women to appear in criminal court.

Because the women were cited and not arrested, police declined to release their names.

One customer said he doesn't think police should be spending their scarce resources citing topless women.

"It's a business," said customer Jon Mendoza. "People have to make money. It is a very hard economy right now, and if people need jobs, why take them away?"

The owner of the club has not been cited, but police said that could change in the future.

Quyen Cafe is one of about 20 such coffee houses in the area near Tully and King Roads.

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