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Police Say Vallejo Kidnapping For Ransom Likely An Orchestrated Event, Not A Kidnapping At All

VALLEJO (CBS SF) -- Police say a reported kidnapping for ransom involving a Vallejo woman was likely an orchestrated event, and not a kidnapping at all.

The Vallejo Police Department released a statement Wednesday night indicating that there was no evidence to support the claim that Denise Huskins was kidnapped from her Vallejo home early Monday morning.

According to family members, 30-year-old Denise Huskins was "home safe and sound." Wednesday. Police had been looking for her since she was reportedly abducted from her Vallejo apartment on the 500 block of Kirkland Avenue sometime early Monday, and held for ransom.

Wednesday morning her father, Mike Huskins, said she was found safe in Southern California.

The Huntington Beach Police department notified police in Vallejo at about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday that they located the missing woman.

Cousin Amy Mattison told KPIX 5, "Denise is home safe and sound, which is the best possible outcome we could have hoped for, the best news we could ever receive."

Mattison said Huskins left a message on her father's voicemail saying, "Daddy I'm okay they dropped me off at mom's house, she's not there, I'm walking to your house."

When she arrived a tenant in the building called Mike Huskins saying, "Denise is here, I have her, she is safe, I'm going to call 911."

Mattison told KPIX 5 that Huskins told her dad she did not know her abductors. She was blindfolded and gagged for part of the time.

But, police say that despite Huskins' promise to meet with Vallejo Police detectives to provide details of the alleged abduction, and arranging a jet to bring her back to the Bay Area that they have been unable to locate her.

Police say Huskins has also retained an attorney.

If the evidence indicates that either Ms. Huskins or her boyfriend had committed a criminal act, police will request criminal charges be filed according to the department.

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