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Pleasanton police seek additional Tri-Valley area victims of sexual battery suspect

PIX Now afternoon edition 2-22-24
PIX Now afternoon edition 2-22-24 08:00

A sexual battery suspect who Pleasanton police arrested last month had over 250 videos on his cell phone of women recorded without their consent, leading authorities to seek additional victims.

The suspect, 26-year-old Jesus Castro-Leon, is accused on multiple counts of sexual battery and invasion of privacy. 

Police say on Dec. 1, 2023, Castro-Leon followed a woman into the bathroom of a Pleasanton grocery store, then inappropriately recorded her with his cellphone.  

Pleasanton sexual battery suspect
Pleasanton sexual battery suspect Jesus Castro-Leon. Pleasanton Police Department

After attempting to defend herself, the victim sought help nearby and filed a report with the police department. 

During the investigation, police requested assistance from the public to identify the suspect based on limited security camera footage, which was posted on social media. Immediate public response led police to Castro-Leon. 

Police said on Jan. 4, Castro-Leon voluntarily visited the police department to inquire about the social media post. He was then arrested for allegedly interfering with a police investigation and his cell phone was seized. 

Detectives discovered Castro-Leon's phone contained over 250 videos of him recording women without their consent. 

Several of these recordings appear to have occurred in the Tri-Valley area. Police encourage anyone who thinks they may have been a victim to contact their local police department. 

"This is a sensitive case and we thank the community for their responsiveness in helping identify the suspect," said Pleasanton Police Lt. Erik Silacci. "More important, we commend the woman who courageously reported her frightening encounter, which resulted in the suspect's arrest. We are continuing to investigate to ensure that Castro-Leon is held responsible for his crimes."

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