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Pickup Truck Jumps Curb, Hits, Kills Woman Walking Dog At Lake Merced

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Joggers and walkers witnessed a freak accident Saturday when a pickup truck jumped the curb, struck and killed a woman walking her dog at Lake Merced.

It happened Saturday afternoon around 1 p.m. near John Muir Drive and Lake Merced Boulevard. The streets were shut down for several hours.

The truck ricocheted off the curb, hit the 65-year-old woman, and flew into the water, according to San Francisco police.

"The truck just hit her and flew off the curb into the bushes," said Mohammad Alhasan, who was one of several people who witnessed the accident. "It hit the curb, at the same speed, no brakes ...and that lady just flew off the curb, it was severe -- head {on}."

The victim friend was walking a few paces behind her and was not hit. The woman's dog was not hit either.

Police said the driver was a woman in her 40s. She was treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital. So far she has not been arrested.

Police said they do not believe alcohol was involved.

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