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Northern lights seen in San Francisco Bay Area as powerful geomagnetic storm hits Earth

PIX Now morning edition 5-11-24
PIX Now morning edition 5-11-24 09:35

Bay Area residents were able to see the northern lights on Friday night thanks to a powerful geomagnetic storm. 

Also known as the aurora borealis, various parts of the U.S. were able to see the colorful phenomenon. 

In the Bay Area, the northern lights were mostly visible through photography. Photographs of the sky showed a colorful, purple-pink hue. 

If people weren't able to see the lights, scientists recommend taking photos, with a newer cellphone, as cell phones capture light much better than the human eye. 

Bay Area residents who missed the lights on Friday night, don't fret. The geomagnetic storm will persist through the weekend. So, there is another chance to see the northern lights or take photos. However, the forecast for San Francisco shows Saturday night could be partly cloudy. 

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