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Photos Of Three Suspects In Trump Berkeley Park Melee Released

BERKELEY (CBS SF) -- Police have released photos of three men suspected of committing violent acts in a clash of demonstrators at a March rally to show support for President Trump held at Berkeley's Civic Center Park.

About 500 pro- and anti-Trump supporters gathered at the park on March 4th. The melee began as verbal jousting between the two sides, but quickly degenerated into fistfights and pepper sprayings.

Demonstrators wearing goggles, motorcycle helmets, gas masks or with their face half-covered with bandannas pushed each other, threw punches and hit each other with the sticks holding their signs or American flags.

Video of the scattered fights showed smoke bombs being thrown at the crowd.

(Editors Note: Posts below contain strong language)

Berkeley Police officers in riot gear arrested at least ten people at the rally. Five were arrested for battery, four for assault and one for resisting arrest.

Officers also confiscated a dagger, metal pipes, bats, pieces of lumber and bricks.

Berkeley released a group of photos of demonstrators suspected of committing violent acts two days later and many were identified and detained with the public's help.

Berkeley Trump Protest Suspects
Berkeley police say these three people are suspected of committing assaults or other criminal acts during a Trump rally on March 4, 2017. (Berkeley Police Department)

As a result of the collaborative efforts with the community, police have obtained nine arrest warrants and anticipate obtaining additional warrants later this week for others who were involved.

As part of the continuing investigation, Berkeley police said, images of three more suspects have come to light.

If you can identify the suspects, please contact Sgt Jack Friedman at (510) 981-5990, extension 4202.

Police were also still asking for videos and photographs of those who may have committed crimes during the event. If you haven't already done so, those images can be submitted via the following link:

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