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Phishing Scam Targets iPhone Users' iCloud Accounts With Bogus Text Alert

KCBS_740 SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- iPhone users are the target of a new phishing scam aimed at stealing their iCloud information.

The scam begins with a text message alerting users that their "Apple iCloud is due to be deactivated today. Please sign in and confirm your details." The link then takes users to a site that looks pretty convincing, with the Apple logo, and Apple lettering.

But, there are a few clues that suggest the site is a fake, according to Christopher with Wilton's Tech Support.

"You can tell this is a bogus website just, for one, there's an IP address and it doesn't say," Christopher told KCBS.

The site looks complete like the Apple site, but links to the Apple store, and other parts of the website won't click through.

Unsuspecting users have been asked to enter their personal information to unlock their accounts, which then ends up in the hands of the scammers.

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