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Phillips 66 Refinery In Rodeo Converting To Renewable Fuels

RODEO (KPIX 5) -- For 124 years, the Phillips 66 Rodeo Refinery has processed crude oil into all manner of fuels. Phillips 66 now says it is saying goodbye to crude oil and hello to renewable fuels.

"We can bring in used cooking oils. We can bring in vegetable oils. We can bring in fats and tallows and to be able to turn it into these cleaner burning transportation fuels that Californians require," said Renewable Energy Project Manager Nik Weinberg.

Converting a large refinery away from crude to accept and recycle cooking oils is a major move. Phillips 66 says the project will take nearly five years to obtain permits and complete construction.

"Once we fully transition the Rodeo Refinery, we will be the world's largest renewable transportation fuel complex so, we'll have over 800 million gallons per year," said Lynn. "There's a lot of work in front of us!"

Once completed, Phillips 66 claims the refinery will produce 50% less carbon dioxide and 75% less sulfur dioxide.

But is it a wise business move? UC Berkeley Energy Institute at Hass Faculty Director Severin Borenstein says it isn't without risk.

"Phillips's decision is a 'bet' on the regulatory environment continuing to be positive both in terms of requirements for using the fuel and in terms of subsidies," said Borenstein.

There is some renewable diesel already on the market, nearly same price as regular diesel…this customer hardly noticed the difference. It all seems the same to me (chuckle)
[You know, that's a big claim to be the World's Largest!] It is! It is and we will be! We look forward to it." says Lynn.

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