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Pfizer Scientist Testifies Against Holmes in Theranos Trial

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) -- More potentially damaging testimony against Elizabeth Holmes came on Friday in the Theranos fraud trial.

A scientist with Pfizer testified that his company rejected a deal with Theranos in 2008 because it wasn't getting straight answers from the startup.

Shane Weber testified that he carefully examined the company as part of Pfizer's due diligence.

"They checked out the technology, they analyzed it and they asked questions of Theranos but they
weren't able to get any direct answers," said Michele Hagan, a former prosecutor and Legal Analyst who's following the trial.

Weber testified that Holmes and other Theranos executives were "deflective", "evasive" and "not
believable" so he recommended that Pfizer hold off on a deal. But apparently ,Holmes did not take no for an answer.

Prosecutors showed the jury documents Holmes later used to make a deal with Walgreens that
used the Pfizer logo and said Pfizer had endorsed the Theranos technology.

"It's significant because it goes to fraud. Pfizer did not validate the technology but that was not the validation that Holmes had made," Hagan said.

Another witness, whose company did invest in Theranos and lost 5 million dollars, testified
that he secretly taped an investor meeting led by Holmes.

The tape was played in court and Holmes could be heard leading investors to believe that Theranos devices were already being deployed by the military in Afghanistan, which was false.

Also Friday, a juror was released over what the judge said was "good cause", though he did not specify further. This is the third juror who has been let go, leaving only two alternate jurors remaining.

Judge Edward Davila is also considering holding trial 4 days a week, instead of the present 3 days a week in November to help move the trial to a conclusion before the holidays.

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