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Peninsula elementary school's Las Posadas celebration benefits community

Peninsula school's Las Posadas celebration benefits community
Peninsula school's Las Posadas celebration benefits community 02:29

REDWOOD CITY -- Families came together at a Redwood City elementary school Friday for a community Las Posadas celebration.

The annual celebration has been going on here for three years now. School staff at Rocketship Redwood City Prep said it's one of the most popular events they host all year.

"Traditionally it's like a Mexican holiday block party. Not super 100 percent as traditional here. We're using it kind of like a way for the community we serve -- our population is a majority Latinx community -- so we kind of promote it that way and it's kind of like our block party for our rocketeers and our rocket ship families," said Nancy Covarrubias with Rocketship.

It was a night filled with fun.

"We have strawberries and cream, we have champurrado, we have buñuelos, tacos like chicken and potato tacos," said Hilda Madrigal, a parent.

This is Hilda Madrigal and her son Alex's first Las Posadas with Rocketship Redwood City Prep but they made sure to come prepared.

"This is arroz con leche and then we have pozole," Madrigal said.

The night is not only one filled with fun. It also gives families the chance to promote their own local businesses and raise money for other families in need.

"We have a few families that are experiencing homelessness right now. So all the funds collected by the school don't go back to the school. They go directly to helping those families through the Care Core Program," said Covarrubias.

Hilda said she's loved being a part of not only this event but the entire school community and her son Alex has never been happier.

"My son's like a little bit shy. I'm kind of shy too. But I'm thankful for everything," Madrigal said.

Las Posadas ("the inns" in Spanish) is a religious festival celebrated between Dec.16 and Dec. 24. The festival commemorates Joseph's and Mary's search for a place to stay before she gave birth to the baby Jesus.

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