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Pelosi's Pricey Scarf Creates Twitter Buzz During Government Shutdown Debate

WASHINGTON (CBS SF) - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was the target of internet ire on Monday after wearing a scarf valued at more than $400 during Monday's House of Representatives debate over a potential government shutdown. .

Political blog Twitchy first clued in to a series of tweets from CSPAN watchers ribbing the San Francisco politician for wearing the scarf, which they identified as coming from the French company Hermes, just hours before the federal funding deadline. Pelosi was appearing before members of the media to implore her Republican counterparts to abandon plans for a government shutdown.

The Twitchy story points to a Wall Street Journal article indicating that $410 is at the low end of the Hermes price range. There is no word on the actual value of Pelosi's scarf.

Many of the tweets appeared to be tongue-in-cheek. The blog pointed out that this is not the first time Pelosi has been spotted wearing Hermes.

Given her net worth, perhaps it's no surprise that the house minority leader sports a couture wardrobe. According to a 2012 Business Insider article, Pelosi was the 13th wealthiest member of congress, with a net worth of over over $26 million.

During her comments on the House Floor Monday, Pelosi compared GOP congressmen to "hounds baying at the moon," then apologized to hounds.

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