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Over 200 Citations Issued, 3 Cars Impounded, 1 Arrested at San Jose Sideshow

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) -- Police in San Jose were able to end a sideshow that took place early Saturday morning, arresting one suspect on a warrant, issuing 205 citations and impounding three vehicles.

SJ sideshow at Park Avenue and Woz Way
SJ sideshow at Park Avenue and Woz Way (CBS)

According to a tweet by the police department, at approximately 12:30 a.m., over 100 vehicles gathered in the area of Park Avenue and Woz Way to participate in a sideshow.

Video from the scene of the sideshow showed a large crowd gathered at the intersection underneath the Highway 87 overpass as cars peeled out in circles with spectators gathered dangerously close. Fireworks were also being set off in the area.


Responding police units were able to end the sideshow, authorities said.

Video from the scene showed police patrol cars converging on the intersection from several directions, effectively blocking in many of the vehicles and spectators who were participated and watching the illegal activity.

SJ sideshow at Park Avenue and Woz Way
SJ sideshow at Park Avenue and Woz Way (CBS)

Police said there was one person arrested on an outstanding warrant but they did not provide details on the arrest. Additionally three vehicles were impounded for 30 days and 205 citations were issued for various violations, including being a spectator at an illegal sideshow.

"We don't want this to occur in San Jose. It's dangerous. Our citizens are frustrated and we want to take care of it," SJPD sergeant Christian Camarillo told KPIX.

On Saturday, the intersection was stained and littered with tire treads, garbage and broken glass.

Punita Bhagi lives a block away.

"Having kids with us, I'm concerned about our safety in general," Bhagi said. "I would love to see the cops just be here in the area doing more patrolling and really, making sure they're preventing it from even getting started."

Sgt. Camarillo explained the city has put several ordinances in place to go after the drivers, spectators and promoters. He said SJPD will continue to do its best take care of the problem.

"We really want to go out and take care of this problem. We understand. We hear citizens' frustrations but we are doing the absolute best we can with the resources we have available," he said. "We have a dedicated group of officers who will often volunteer to stay past their off-duty time to deal with these issues."

KPIX correspondent Max Darrow contributed to this report

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