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Outspoken Former Giant Aubrey Huff's Twitter Account Suspended

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- The twitter account of outspoken former San Francisco Giants star Aubrey Huff was suspended by the San Francisco-based social media giant Tuesday for violations of its posting rules.

Huff, a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, has espoused several right wing controversial views on social media including being an outspoken critic of COVID vaccinations.

The company has not issued a statement as to why Huff was suspended, merely posted a slate reading -- "Account Suspended. Twitter suspends accounts that violate Twitter rules."

Huff immediately ripped Twitter's decision on his Instagram account posting:

"It finally happened! The beta cucks and liberal Karen's over @twitter hate when people speak the truth or make money if their liberal platforms!"

"Follow my IG backup @aubreyhuff_official because it's no doubt coming soon here!"

"I consider this a badge of honor!"

"I'll never stop! Don't you patriots!!"

Huff has been a polarizing figure on social media so it wasn't surprising that Twitter was ablaze with comments supporting the company's decision.

It's not the first time Huff has gotten backlash for his comments. His posted comments about the Jan. 6th storming of the Capitol building earned him an earlier suspension from the social media giant.

He also was not invited to a reunion of the San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series-winning team.

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