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Updated: OPD Releases Report On Weekend CHP Officer-Involved Shooting; Outage Grows Over Erik Salgado's Death

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) -- Protesters gathered at Elmhurst Middle School in Oakland Tuesday afternoon, demanding answers three days after a deadly CHP officer-involved shooting hours before Oakland police released new details about the incident. 

23-year-old Erik Salgado died during a confrontation Saturday evening that ended after California Highway Patrol officers opened fire on the vehicle he and Salgado's pregnant girlfriend were inside. 

Oakland police released their final report on the shooting Tuesday afternoon.

According to the report, just before 10:46 p.m., CHP officers advised they were in the area of East Oakland conducting follow-up investigation regarding a shooting that occurred the night before on freeway 580.

"While in the area of East Oakland officers advised that they observed a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 2018, 2 door, red sedan, driving recklessly," the report said. "Officers conducted a check of the license plate and were alerted to a lost/stolen plate that did not match the Dodge Hellcat."

As the CHP officers got out of their vehicles to conduct a stop, the driver of the Dodge Hellcat began ramming CHP vehicles. Three CHP officers discharged their firearms in the direction of the driver of the Dodge Hellcat, which was also occupied by a female passenger.

"The driver sustained multiple gunshot wounds and later succumbed to his injuries," the report read.

No injuries to CHP officers were reported.

His pregnant girlfriend was in the car and survived as was in stable condition, but an activist protesting on Tuesday told KPIX 5 their unborn child did not.

"Eric and Brianna's child did not make it. She has passed away. And so the police have murdered their unborn child as well as Erik," said Hoku Jeffrey with the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action.

There was a growing memorial of candles and flowers were the shooting happened Saturday night.

Salgado's family claimed he was shot 40 times after the chase ended in the East Oakland neighborhood. On Monday, hundreds of people marched in the neighborhood near Salgado's mother's home Monday afternoon to demand justice.

The Oakland Police Departments Homicide investigators confirmed the Dodge Hellcat was reported stolen on June 3 from the San Leandro Chrysler/Dodge dealership one of 74 vehicles stolen on that night.

The dealership's shattered windows have now been boarded up and the majority of cars have been tracked down using theft recovery GPS.

Selgado's sister told KPIX 5 her brother Erik was trying to change his life around. She said she can't understand why he was killed, even if he was driving a stolen car. 

Protesters were also demanding answers.

"We want the names of the police officers. We want the personnel files and we want them sent on a one-way ticket to prison right now," one protester said.

The Oakland Police Department is the lead agency in the investigation into the officer-involved shooting, even though it was a CHP officer or officers who pulled the trigger in the deadly incident.

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