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Organized Business: Mobile Apps That Make A Founder's Life Easy

As a founder of either a small startup or a multimillion-dollar company, there are many outside externalities that can deter focus. Businesses need to be executed at a hastened pace. Instant communication with team members and stakeholders become pertinent to progress on a daily basis. Ideas seem to come and go, and the less time you have, the more difficult it becomes to capitalize off ideation. These are the moments where having the right tools at your fingers tips become vital to your continued success. There are some intelligent apps on the market that are as multifaceted as today's innovative founders, and they are helping keep business on task as usual in today's fast pace markets. In no particular order, here are the top mobile apps that make a founder's life easy.


Drift touts itself as a "conversation-driven marketing and sales platform" with the ability to connect your business with leads in real-time from anywhere. Drift replaces traditional online forms with their impressive A.I. live chat. You provide them with details and information about your business upon signing up, and when a visitor comes to your website, their information is instantly captured and sent as pre-qualified leads based on your customer profiles. You will then have an option to send an email, engage your visitor, get more leads exactly like the one captured, or set up a sales meeting instantly. Drift has amazing integration capabilities with existing marketing tools and software such as salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo and more. They have a free plan, starter, pro and enterprise plans available. Put a face to your visitors and make it personal.


Teamwork makes the dream work, and Slack is proof of that very fact. When working on a big project, its vital for communication across and between teams to remain transparent, clear and instant for progress to advance. Slack describes itself as the foundation for teamwork, creating a simplified way of open communication across teams. All communication is centralize enabling instant messages, video calls, screen sharing, archive message searches and workflow management. Slack also has an impressive capability of integrating with nearly every enterprise and productivity product on the market including ZenDesk, Drift, Salesforce and Google Drive. Developers also have the option of customizing or creating through Slack's open API. For single teams or mid-sized businesses, they offer free, standard, or plus packages all under $15. They also offer customized enterprise packages. Slack is the perfect tool for any startup to easily help with internal communication.


How many times have you forgotten your password? Have you tried all three possible passwords you thought was yours, but got locked out of your account for being wrong? LastPass, a simplified approach to managing your life online, can help you say goodbye to those frustrating moments of forgetfulness. Simply load all of your important passwords into LastPass password manager, and create a master password that will unlock all accounts making logging in fast and easy. Secure any documents, images, accounts, and important information with you anywhere, everywhere and on any device. They offer free and premium plans at $2, and business plans for teams and enterprise at a per user or per month price. Unlock your world.


Store anything and everything with Evernote. Evernote is one of those robust apps that can become life-saving in a moments time. It gives users the ability to capture, organize, share and communicate from anywhere. Create a note on Evernote as soon as you have an idea. Record a note while you are driving instead of texting. It's easy and very useful for your daily life. You can also add links, audio recordings, images and scanned documents, tables and other attachments to your notes. Keep track of your daily spending, monthly bills or life goals. With so much flexibility, Evernote is a complete app that can provide an advantage in your personal or professional life. This is the must-have app for any founder or entrepreneur.

iMeet Agenday

Most founders have multiple email accounts and multiple calendars with different meetings and calls scheduled throughout their day. They're bombarded with emails and messages constantly. What if all of your calendars were simplified into one calendar? With iMeet Agenday combine all of your calendar items in what they call "a simple, day-driven interface." It seamlessly integrates with nearly all leading calendars including Outlook, iCal, Yahoo! and Google Calendar. It also holds all of your meetings and conference call information, enabling one-touch conference call access to any meeting. iMeet Agenday provides transparency with other calendars, and includes meeting polls for desired meeting times. You can schedule and mange events, view profiles and information about people in your meeting and send out smart notifications reminding you of your upcoming meetings. You can even get turn-by-turn directions to any off-site meeting. iMeet Agenday is also compatible with Apple and Android devices including smartwatches. Never be late for a meeting again.


This article was written by Marlena Turner for Small Business Pulse

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