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Open Government Advocates Appalled By Trump Transition

KCBS_740SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- Advocates for openness in government are appalled by the way Donald Trump is running his presidential transition, warning there are ominous signs about what kind of presidency this will be.

Two weeks after winning election, the president-elect has yet to hold the news conference that past presidents have had within a few days. Now, he's released a scripted two minute video instead.

But, Melissa Yeager with the Sunlight Foundation says a promotional video and some angry tweets are not a substitute for regular access.

"To not have press conferences, and to not have reporters to challenge the ideas going into the administration, you know, this is really disadvantageous to the public. We don't get an idea of what his policies are, and how they might affect the American public," Yeager told KCBS.

Yeager's nonpartisan open government foundation has deep concerns over how the Trump White House will treat the media, and by extension, the people.

"They're representing you in asking questions about policy, and finding out information about how that policy will affect your life, and getting responses from public leaders to hold them accountable," Yeager said.

Trump met yesterday with network executives but sources say he gave them a tongue-lashing. Yeager also says Trump is not drawing clear lines between his corporate interests and his actions as president-elect, an allegation his chief of staff Reince Priebus dismisses as ridiculous.

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