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On This Day Klay Thompson Scored 37 In A Quarter: Let's Reminisce

Tom Bogert, CBS Local Sports

Thirty-seven points in one quarter. Twelves minutes. One man.

There's no fancy, elaborate lead into reminiscing on Klay Thompson's magical evening on this day two years ago because what is there to possibly say? There's simply no words that could truly encapsulate the grandeur of that accomplishment.

Thankfully because it's 2017, there's a myriad of various video options to show so I need not try (failingly) to come up with the correct sequence of words, or make one up because there may not be an adjective that exists to truly do his performance justice.

Klay Thompson's Every Made Basket in Record Breaking 37-Point Third Quarter by NBA on YouTube

The Warriors were playing the Sacramento Kings, who are always ripe to host such an explosion like this because they're the basketball form of gasoline, on a Friday night at Oracle Arena. They were winning at halftime, as one might assume when the Kings travel to Golden State.

Then the second half started and Thompson was like a tidal wave that engulfed the entire arena and NBA for 12 minutes. Thompson scored 37 points on a perfect 13-13 shooting with nine three pointers, plus 2-2 from the line. He scored a total of 52 that night while sitting most of the fourth quarter.

Related: is there possibly a team more conducive to this sort of thing happening? Who else in the league is better at incubating a hot streak, encouraging all sorts of heat checks than this roster? Thompson, Steph Curry and Draymond Green (plus now Kevin Durant) are all selfless enough that if they see a teammate heat up, they'll step all the way out of the way. Steve Kerr understands it on the sidelines, and the rest of the roster falls in line as well.

All it took was Thompson to have a few buckets, and Curry only had eyes for passing to him. The crowd was going absolutely bonkers as the shots continued to drop, knowing they were present for something truly special.

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