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On 2nd anniversary of devastating August Complex Fire, crews take threat of dry lightning seriously

After sweltering heat threat of dry lightning has East Bay fire crews on alert
After sweltering heat threat of dry lightning has East Bay fire crews on alert 01:39

LIVERMORE (KPIX) -- Following another day of extreme heat, fire departments across the Bay Area remained on high alert for any potential wildfires.

The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory until 8 p.m. Livermore's high temperature reached 107, breaking a record of 105 set in 1951.

Fire crews were to remain on the clock throughout the night to keep an eye on the possibility of dry lightning. ConFire is ready to deploy all of its resources during this stretch of hot weather.

"We are fully staffed today," said Contra Costa County Assistant Fire Chief Tracie Dutter. "We have our hand crew working 24-hour shifts so if something does happen, we are prepared."

The problem overnight is the possibility of isolated thunderstorms, including dry lightening. ConFire has extra resources and is keeping a close eye on weather reports. Aside from that, all firefighters can do is wait and see what happens.

 Dutter adds, "Dry lightening is something we can't prevent so we are reacting to what's given to us."

The National Weather Service said there is a slight chance thunderstorms late Tuesday into Wednesday. 

On the 2-year anniversary of the August Complex Fire, many residents are nervous about any chance of lightening strikes. The August Complex Fire burned just over a million acres in Northern California as lightening started more than 30 separate fires. 

"We make sure the brush around our house cleared," said Clayton resident Ike Cark. "And just making sure we keep our eyes open and be prepared to evacuate."

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