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Obese Livermore Man's Plea For Help Goes Viral

LIVERMORE (CBS 5) -- A 700-pound Livermore man's plea for help to lose weight has become a viral sensation on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

Robert Gibbs, who turned 23 on Friday, said he is a prisoner in his own body.

"I spend most of my days right here, watching TV." Gibbs said from his couch. "I have to slide forward to get off this couch. I'm just trapped, and there's no way out."

On Thursday, something clicked for the Livermore man who has struggled with his weight since the age of four. He has also been hospitalized twice. As Gibbs was stuck in bed, he recorded the video.

"This is my last chance, my last hope, one of them. I really scared I'm not going to be able to watch my niece and nephew grow up," Gibbs said in the video.

Gibbs, who has diabetes, said he is beyond helping himself. He has sores all over his body and can't stand for more than a few minutes. He is on disability and may suffer from depression. To save money and feed his food addiction, Gibbs often eats fast food.

"I made that video as a plea for someone's help," he said.

His plea for help did not fall on deaf ears. In 24 hours, his video had 200,000 hits. Gibbs also received calls from news stations around the world.

"I didn't expect it to catch on the way it did," he said.

During an interview with CBS 5, he also received a phone call from a producer representing weight loss guru Chris Powell. He broke into a huge smile after taking the call.

"I would love his help, he works miracles," he said. "I'm getting the exposure I needed. I better start getting ready ofr the tornado that's about ot become my life. I guess it is a good birthday for me."

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