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Oakley City Councilmembers Push Back Against LBGTQ Pride Month Proclamation

OAKLEY (KPIX 5) -- In Contra Costa County, Oakley is the latest city to wrestle with official support for LBGTQ Pride Month.

Oakley city councilmembers Pope and Hardcastle
Pope and Hardcastle

Two Oakley City Councilmembers wanted to stop Mayor Claire Alaura from reading a citywide proclamation recognizing Pride Month. The push back against Alaura's proclamation started with councilmember Randy Pope.

"Proclamations traditionally are non-controversial, non-divisive that the whole community supports. They are happy things we can do," said Pope.

Pope's view was backed by vice mayor Doug Hardcastle. "Just because others think it's the thing to do, we have a different vision here in Oakley," he said. "This calls for gay pride month when you only honor veterans for one day."

Mayor Alaura reiterated her support for Pride Month at a meeting on Tuesday evening. "I want to be clear that I alone issue this proclamation for LGBT Pride Month and welcome those who would like to support it," she said.

Each councilmember in Oakley gets a chance to be mayor--the position is on rotation for a year. As it was Mayor Alaura's turn, she had the final say in the matter.

The East Bay city of Dublin on Wednesday reversed their decision to not fly the LBGTQ flag in front of its city hall after speaking to LGBTQ residents. It will hold a new vote on June 4th whether or not to fly the flag.

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