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Oakland's Fruitvale community mourns Filipino restaurant co-owner killed in shooting

Fruitvale community mourns Oakland restaurant co-owner killed in shooting
Fruitvale community mourns Oakland restaurant co-owner killed in shooting 02:33

OAKLAND -- The co-owner of an Oakland Filipino restaurant died from gunfire Wednesday night, in a shooting witnessed by his young son.

Jun Anabo, co-owner of Lucky Three Seven at 2868 Fruitvale Ave., died at a hospital following gunfire that was captured by the city's gunshot detection system just after 9:40 p.m. in the 2800 block of Brookdale Avenue. That is near the restaurant, which serves Filipino street cuisine.

Officers responded and located Anabo with at least one gunshot wound. Paramedics arrived and started life-saving measures before Anabo was taken to a hospital.

"Jun Anabo, co owner of Lucky Three Seven has died and we are praying, crying, and hoping for any light," a post on Lucky Three Seven's Instagram page said Thursday morning.

On Thursday, Anobo's loved ones gathered outside the restaurant. They are heartbroken as his 11-year-old son saw his father shot multiple times in front of their family restaurant.

Holding back tears, Jose Ortiz is struggling to accept the harsh reality that one of his best friends he calls a "son" was brutally shot, and left to die on a sidewalk. 

 "It's very hard. Really hard for me," said Ortiz. 

Ortiz stood next to Jun Anabo's son Kaia, who collapsed to his knees at Highland Hospital early Thursday morning, as doctors told them the 39-year-old father of one, did not make it. 

 "He saw everything.  He heard the shot and then he ran and hide behind a garage can," said Ortiz. 

Ortiz could only embrace the 11-year-old boy whispering 'daddy's gone but I'm here'.

 "He said 'but why my dad?  He's a beautiful man who wouldn't hurt anybody. He's my best friend. You took my best friend'. It broke my heart," said Ortiz.  

Anabo's girlfriend Malinda Bun shed tears in front of a growing memorial as friends and community leaders came to remember a person who organized fundraisers, donated Filipino food, and brought people together time after time.

 "I rushed here and saw him lying on the ground and laid by his side 'til the ambulance came," said Bun.  "He's my life partner and we had a lot of plans."

 "He was everything to us.   He was a community guy, the kind of guy who could improve this community.  He was doing that," said Ortiz.

Close friends say there are multiple surveillance videos from these cameras Oakland Police have obtained that show the brutal shooting and at least one gunman. 

Oakland Police have not yet made any arrests or said whether the shooting was targeted. 

"Lucky Three Seven will be taking some time off until further notice," the restaurant went on to say. "We apologize for the inconvenience. We have entered a time of uncertainty. And although Jun would want us to keep it moving and keep it pushing ... we find ourselves lost without him." 

Kenny Choi contributed reporting.

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