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Oakland Landlord Accused Of Using Violence To Force Family To Leave

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – Neighbors are rallying around an East Bay family being threatened with eviction. The family said the landlord has even turned violent.

Ever since their landlord bought their rental house in December, the tenants said he has harassed and intimidated them to get them out. The landlord wouldn't even take their rent check.

Two weeks ago, they said he slammed a metal door against their 3-year-old son's head. They filed a police report and took their toddler to Children's Hospital Oakland after he started bleeding.

The family also said the landlord often would pound and kick their front door. In response, they put a bar on the door to keep him out.

Aside from yelling bad words and screaming at them, they said the landlord also threatened to call ICE to deport them. The father told KPIX 5 his children cry as soon as they see the landlord, because they are so afraid.

The children's teachers and community organizers are stepping in because the situation has become so bad.

"I think there's a culture building right now where there are a lot of landlords from hell. But this is an extreme and tremendously frightening case," said charter school executive director Ida Oberman.

Oakland police are investigating the attack on the 3-year-old, but say it's unlikely the district attorney will press charges against the landlord.

KPIX 5 went to the landlord's home and contacted him on his cellphone, he had no comment.

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