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Oakland cafe plans to be community hub to discuss crime prevention

Oakland cafe plans to be hub for community discussion of crime prevention
Oakland cafe plans to be hub for community discussion of crime prevention 02:52

OAKLAND – Local businesses in Oakland are continuing to find ways to thrive a stay open, while having to deal with reported crime.

Kinfolx is a coffee shop, wine bar and community space located in downtown Oakland, but like many other businesses they are all dealing with the same issue.  

Creighton, who is the co-owner of  Kinfolx, says after their recent break in they decided to address this problem in a unique way.

"Last couple of months, several break-ins and burglaries," said Davis. "About a couple of weeks ago we found out the lock of our back door was removed, and it was an attempted break-in."

He believes uniting everyone is the key and wants to protect this village of connection they have made right here.

 "This doesn't deserve a response of villainization, anger—obviously there is hurt and pain. So, we got to figure out how to address the challenges people are facing," said Davis. 

So, he is planning on creating a town hall next year to bring the community together.

 "And brainstorm solutions for coming together and figuring out how to solve these problems," Davis said. "Number two, we want to set up an advisory board for Kinfolx that are comprised of members of the community."

 People like Bradley Evans, who is a frequent visitor of the shop, says there is no place like it.

"I come here to work from home sometimes to just be surrounded by people of color, Black people who are obviously working on things to better themselves or the community," said Evans.

Creighton says the community town hall is just the start of something bigger that will be impactful for all in Oakland.

 "At the end of the day it's not about like what happens to the person who stole from Kinfolx or broke in, its about how we come together community and how we can support spaces like this," said Davis.

Kinfolx says anyone who is looking to get involved with the planning of their town hall is welcomed to reach out or stop by. 

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