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Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco gives dogs makeovers to help get them adopted

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue gives dogs makeovers to help them get adopted
Muttville Senior Dog Rescue gives dogs makeovers to help them get adopted 03:41

OAKLAND — It's not every day that a dog emerging from a car gets a standing ovation. But that's exactly what happened to 10 lucky pooches arriving at the Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco this week.  

"This is their new beginning," said Angela Ramiro, Muttville's chief veterinary officer. "Everybody is here to welcome them and make sure they feel safe and loved." 

The new arrivals are part of an effort to save 100 elderly dogs from Bay Area animal shelters, where they face possible euthanasia. 

"We sent out a massive email to all of our shelter partners and said we want to save as many dogs as possible," Ramiro said. 

Among the rescues was an 8-year-old poodle who was found roaming the streets of Oakland. Not only did she get a new leash on life but she also got a name: Glitz.  

"She's no longer homeless," Ramiro said. "She's going to get into our computer system, and she's started off on the right foot to finding her forever home." 

Bay Area shelters, already stretched to the limit, are bracing for tough times, as more and more people surrender their pets because they can no longer afford them.  

Ann Dunn, the director of Oakland Animals Services said since the beginning of 2023, she's taken in more than 1,700 dogs, a 25% percent increase since last year. It's gotten so bad she's had to euthanize five dogs for space for the first time in a long time.  

So, when Muttville offered to take 10 of her oldest pooches, she jumped at the chance.  

"We have one vet for over 7,000 dogs and cats," she said. "So, that's where what Muttville does is so special because they'll take the dogs with the greatest need, they'll provide medical care and get them into great homes." 

For Glitz, it means not just a much-needed visit to the vet, but also her first ever makeover which included a manicure, a bath and a new hairdo. All that leading up to a professional photoshoot aimed at finding Glitz her last forever home.  

Ramiro believes Glitz is well on her way to a brighter future.  

"Dogs this cute typically only stick around for a couple of days," she said.  

If you'd like to adopt Glitz or any other pooch in this story, you can check out Muttville or Oakland Animal Services.

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