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Nimbus pod-like EV offers urban commuters a scooter-car hybrid solution

Bay Area company creates small EV to help get around San Francisco
Pod-like Nimbus EV unveiled for urban commuters 02:36

DALY CITY -- Parking in urban areas can often be a challenge, coupled with high gas prices which makes getting around even more difficult. Nimbus One, a futuristic-looking, pod-like electric vehicle has been created to tackle those two problems, as well as help the environment.

"Something I wanted to work on, I thought climate change was one of the biggest problems of our time to try to solve, and cars are inefficient," said Lihang Nong, founder of Michigan-based Nimbus.

With that in mind, the Nimbus One was born. It's a three-wheeled EV that is part car, part scooter, and has a very compact design to make maneuvering around city areas a lot easier. The company showed off the vehicle at a press event last week in the parking lot of the Cow Palace in Daly City.

The Nimbus One features two removable batteries that can charge with an at-home plug or using a more traditional EV charger that is situated in the front of the pod.

When you first get inside, it looks simple and uncomplicated to operate, and that's the point according to Nong. 

"The philosophy of the Nimbus is not something that is over complicated or luxurious, but something like just what you need," said Nong.

The pod can hold up to two people and when the back seat is not being used for a passenger, there is plenty of room for groceries or other items. A luggage rack on the back offers even more storage.

Each charge will get you about 93 miles, and this model can go up to 50 miles per hour. There is even an app that can lock and unlock your vehicle.

As far as safety goes, it comes with lots of features including vehicle stability technology, standard driver's airbags, and onboard cameras.

The cost is just under $10,000 to buy or $200 a month to rent. The company hopes to offer Nimbus Ones as daily rentals in some cities and is targeting 2023 for mass production. 

For more information on specifications and pricing, check out their website at

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