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'I'm The Glue For My Guys': Agent Nicole Lynn On Representing Jalen Hurts, Quinnen Williams & Book 'Agent You'

(CBS Local Sports)-- The world of athlete representation has long been dominated by men, but Nicole Lynn is starting to change that. Lynn is the President of Football Operations for Klutch Sports, the agency founded by LeBron James' agent and friend Rich Paul, and she represents big time NFL players such as Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, a former top five pick in New York Jets defensive lineman Quinnen Williams and Atlanta Falcons safety Erik Harris.

CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith recently caught up with Lynn to discuss her new book "Agent You," how she carved out a path as an agent and the TV show that is being created based off of her life from executive producer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

"It's funny because I started writing the book before I ever had a book deal. I would just take down notes as I did something and it kind of slowly came together," said Lynn. "I will say that writing a book is very hard. My goal has always been to mentor and not hide the ball. This book is a blueprint on how to be your own inner-agent, how to advocate for yourself and how to get your seat at the table. I give the raw truth and it is everything you need to define success on your own terms."

"When I was 18 years old and got to college, I learned pretty quickly that I wanted to work with athletes," said Lynn. "I wanted to support athletes and many of them had similar upbringings that I did. I saw there was an issue in sports and I wanted to be the change. I didn't grow up as a big sports fanatic. It wasn't me trying to be close to the game, it was me trying to make a change."

While there have been many eye-opening moments during Lynn's time as a sports agent, she says the biggest lesson she's learned is you can't protect every player from going broke. Lynn has learned there is only so much she can do for her clients at the end of the day.

"Thankfully I haven't been in that exact situation, but I can see how it can happen," said Lynn. "It was more of a wake up call that there is only so much saving you can do. It's about relationships and spending time. Our only actual job as an agent is to negotiate the contract. Typically, a contract is around four years. I negotiate and then it's four years later until the next deal. That's really all my job description says and I try to go above and beyond and create that day to day personal relationship where I'm call one and the glue for my guys."

Lynn helps her clients with everything from their efforts in the community to planning a baby shower. These types of things get ramped up to the next level when Lynn reps high-profile athletes like Hurts and Williams. She believes both guys have very bright futures ahead of them.

"Quinnen Williams was my first first round draft pick that I ever represented," said Lynn. "He gave me a shot and interviewed with agents who represented 50-100 first rounders. He believed in me and really gave me my shot and my first high level draft pick and I'm so grateful today that he felt so comfortable with someone who didn't have the same level of experience. He's such a smart young man and did his research about agents. On the field, he is such a hard worker and no one can really know. He gives 150% every day and he is such a dominant player."

"Jalen Hurts is also a very hard worker, similar to Quinnen, but they couldn't be more different," said Lynn. "Jalen is so locked in in a quarterback way. He's focused on the goal. He doesn't let any of the outside stuff bother him. He's been through so many trials and tribulations and he doesn't care about any of that. He always has his eye on the prize and I love that about him. His level of focus is honestly on a different level. He's not a guy that wants to take all the interviews and be on the red carpet. He knows his job and shows up every day to do it. He's so calm. He's got a swag to him and he's so cool."

Lynn's book is available now wherever books are sold.

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