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Newsom Says Elder 'To the Right of Trump' at San Francisco 'No on Recall' Campaign Event

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Gov. Gavin Newsom took a swipe at his main rival in the California recall election at a campaign event in San Francisco Friday, comparing radio host Larry Elder to former President Donald Trump.

Newsom was clear in his message about what is at stake in the upcoming recall election during the event at Manny's in San Francisco's Mission District.

Newsom kicked off a full weekend of campaign events on Friday morning, urging voters to vote no on the recall.

"This is about the easiest ballot you ever had to fill out. Just vote no," Newsom said.

Also appearing at and speaking at the event were San Francisco Mayor London Breed, State Assemblymembers David Chiu and Scott Wiener, and member of the California State Board of Equalization and former SF Supervisor Malia Cohen.

Each of those officials spoke in praise of Newsom's leadership through the COVID-19 pandemic, with Breed describing the recall effort as "a horrible distraction."

Newsom noted that the current recall was the sixth effort to have him recalled since he took office, noting that the attempts dated back to before the pandemic.

"The principle backer of this recall proudly states that he wants to microchip immigrants because, he says, it works for animal welfare and control. Before there was a Marjorie Taylor Greene, we had the principal backer of this recall spewing that same hate rhetoric and anti-Semitic rhetoric, suggesting that wearing face masks is somehow equivalent to the Holocaust," said Newsom. "If you think I'm overstating, consider the RNC's support, consider Newt Gingrich's support, consider Devin Nunez's support. Consider Mike Huckabee's support, consider Rudy Giuliani's latest support of the leading candidate to replace me, if we are unsuccessful, Larry Elder."

Newsom went on to warn how dangerous Elder could be if he became governor, comparing him to Trump.

"He doesn't believe there should be a minimum wage; should be $0. He doesn't believe -- in a time of historic wildfires and droughts and challenges we all face here in the Bay Area, with the looming prospects of earthquake -- he doesn't even believe in FEMA. FEMA should be eliminated," said Newsom. "As he does the elimination of Social Security as we know it; he wants to privatize it, wants to cut Medicaid, wants to cut Medicare. Go down the list; he is to the right of Donald Trump; to the right of Donald Trump."

The governor also has a supporter in the White House. On Thursday, President Joe Biden tweeted that Californians should vote "no" on September 14th, praising Newsom's handling of the pandemic and economic challenges COVID has presented.

Recall election ballots will be sent in the mail to every registered voter in the state. The last day to register for the recall election is august 30th.

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