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Newark Teacher Reprimanded For Threatening Comments About Students On Twitter

NEWARK (CBS SF) --  A school district has taken "appropriate disciplinary steps" against a Newark teacher who reportedly made threatening comments about her students on her Twitter feed.

Media reports identified the teacher as Krista Hodges. The reports said Hodges has received a written reprimand but continues to teach at Newark Memorial High School.

"I already want to stab some kids.  Is that bad?  19 days left," Hodges allegedly tweeted in June.

In April, she tweeted: "So happy to be done with school for 10 days but especially to be away from the ones who truly try my patience and make my trigger finger itchy."

On May 28th, Hodges tweeted, "Y'all think you can hate us teachers ... guess what we feel the same about you. We are just not allowed to show it #Isecretlyhateyou."

Those  who know the history teacher say that's just her sense of humor but many parents aren't laughing.

Newark Unified School District interim Superintendent Timothy Erwin said in a statement, "We are aware of the comments posted online and attributed to a teacher."

He said, "A thorough investigation was conducted but because this situation involves a personnel matter the district can only provide limited information."

He added that, "The district did, in fact, take action" against the teacher.

Some parents were outraged by the posts. "It is kind of a shock the way this came about," one parent said.

Erwin said the school district consulted California education law, district board policies and the teachers' union's contract in its investigation and in determining what steps to take.

The school board declined to comment on the matter, and referred inquiries to Erwin.

Hodges has since disabled her Twitter account.


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