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New Steve Jobs Movie Biography Begins Filming At Los Altos Garage Where 1st Apple Computer Was Built

LOS ALTOS (KPIX) -- The life and times of Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs is getting a Hollywood re-boot -- this time with a script by famed "West Wing" and "Social Network" screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.

In Los Altos, where Jobs and his brilliant engineer pal Steve Wozniak built the Apple I in Jobs' parents' now-historic garage, this means lights, cameras and a lot of distraction.

Neighbors have seen this movie before -- a previous Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher was filmed here on Crist Street.

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs
Ashton Kutcher as Apple Founder, Steve Jobs (credit: Five Star Feature Films)

"Twice in a lifetime -- but this one's much bigger than the last one," Tracy Hashemi told KPIX. "A lot more equipment and trucks and the kids are having fun checking all that out," she added.

Jobs' childhood home -- and that garage -- in Los Altos have been a tourist attraction in Silicon Valley for years. For this big-screen 2.0 version of his life story, the filmmakers are bringing in authentic props from the 1970s, including a geek-chic plaid Thermos, reel-to-reel tape player and an old computer motherboard.

"[To see] how much stuff they bring for one scene, it's pretty amazing," neighbor Marie Barritar said.

The journey from Sorkin's script to this moment has been long and circuitous, with the role of Steve Jobs bouncing from actor to actor (Tom Cruise and Christian Bale were among those considered) until Michael Fassbender said yes to director Danny Boyle.

For one of the bystanders we talked to, the actor playing Jobs wasn't nearly as big a draw as the man who plays that other Steve -- Seth Rogen, who landed the role of the lovable Silicon Valley uber-geek known affectionately as "Woz."

"I think Seth Rogen is gonna be coming back, that's what we're waiting for," neighbor Michelle Gnidek said.

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