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New State Law Proposal Could Create New Rules For E-Scooter, E-Bike Companies

MOUNTAIN VIEW (KPIX 5) -- A proposal to regulate electric scooter and bike companies in California just passed the Assembly and moves on to the Senate for approval.

The law, if passed, would require electric scooter and bike companies to get permits from cities, and agree to rules for parking, maintenance and safety without those cities before they hit the roads.

"I think that's totally reasonable," said Michale Staton, who uses electric scooters in San Francisco. "I think that mainly the scooter companies just came in before anybody knew what hit them."

Paul Sant agrees that there needs to be more regulation because of what he's witnessed on the road himself.

"I see kids, like little kids, weaving in and out of traffic, people are leaving them everywhere," said Sant. "I've ridden a bike and almost crashed with a scooter before."

Cities across the Bay Area have battled with the companies about permits, parking and piles of scooters on sidewalks. In San Jose, dozens of electric scooters have been found in the Guadalupe River.

The hazards and littering of the scooters have gotten so bad on the San Jose State University campus that university leaders decided to ban them altogether. But SJSU student Tyler Doan said the scooter prohibition on campus has affected how quickly he can get around.

"Kinda sucks because you just got to walk, or you just use a regular scooter, or you gotta bring your skateboard," he said.

Sant believes the regulations are necessary because of the liability that comes with electric scooters.

"There's no regulation," he said. "I mean, obey the same rules the bikes do and be safe."

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