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New Smartphone App Lets Shoppers Decide If They Like A Product's Politics

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- A new smartphone app will help grocery shoppers decide if they like the politics behind a brand.

The app "BuyPartisan" compiles public data from non-profit groups to show consumers what political parties to which brands contribute. Users scan barcodes from products to bring up the info on the app.

Shoppers at a Hayward Target store gave it a try.

"It gives me a way to find out where my money is going," shopper Lorena Arias said.

But, not everyone is a fan.

The Washington Post's Editorial Board said "We hope BuyPartisan fails," adding that "if the app succeeds, it would be a signal that Democrats and Republicans aren't even willing to do business with one another any longer."

The app's creator says he wanted to give people who care about politics choices when it comes to what they consume, and where their money goes.

The next step for the app is to show consumers what companies spend on specific issues like immigration and gay rights.


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