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New Jeans Made In Bay Area Firm Designed To Thwart High-Tech Thieves

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- There's some new protection against the fastest growing crime in America: identity theft.

As our devices get smarter, software security company Norton thought so should our fashion. The software company teamed up with designers at San Francisco's Betabrand to make a new kind of pocket protector called Ready Jeans.

"This is a pair of really high-end jeans that are made and sewn in America, they're actually done right here in San Francisco," said Betabrand Senior Designer Steven Wheeler.

The material in the pockets is made up of metallic alloy woven into a fabric creating a shield.

"It acts almost like a faraday cage," Wheeler said. "It intercepts these signals and it spreads them out so it doesn't allow any two way communication."

Norton says this year, 70 percent of credit cards will be vulnerable to digital pick pocketing. Thieves can actually uses devices called sniffers to steal info from your credit cards, passports and key fobs wirelessly.

These high-end security jeans cost about $168 for now. But as the demand grows, so does the price.

"I think that the beauty of this idea is within its simplicity," Wheeler said. "You don't have to change your habits or your lifestyle or remember to bring another gadget with you, this is just this pair of pants."

Orders will start shipping next month.

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