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S-Curve On New Presidio Parkway Raises Safety Concerns

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- The Presidio Parkway, which replaces the old Doyle Drive, reopened ahead of schedule Sunday night, but there may be a safety issue on the new stretch of roadway.

While the new Presidio Parkway is getting a lot of praise from drivers, a landscape architect on the project told KPIX 5 that the S-curve approach into the tunnel could be the cause of accidents for those not paying attention.

"The road is so wide and even and you're just sailing along comfortably. And then suddenly there's this little wiggle," landscape architect Michael Painter told KPIX 5.

Painter saw the curve on his first drive through the new parkway, and went straight to project headquarters.

"Whoever did the phasing drawing for this temporary situation did not do a good job," Painter said.

Jeff Ceriser, who drove the roadway said, "If you're caught up in what's happening around you, not focused on the roadway, you might find yourself running into the wall."

Painter's biggest fear is a slight turn could lead to a major accident.

A spokesperson for the Presidio Parkway project said the S-curve is temporary and was painted that way so construction workers could get a protected space to work. Meanwhile, the California Highway Patrol told KPIX 5 that if drivers follow the 35 mile per hour speed limit, there should be no issues until the work is complete.

According to a project spokesperson, Caltrans will go in to do some restriping to make sure drivers are aware of the curve. Eventually, the S-curve will be gone after all work is complete around September.

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