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Netflix Admits Throttling Video Streams For Years

LOS GATOS (KCBS) – There's now an explanation if your streams of popular shows and movies on Netflix appeared slow. The company has reportedly admitted it has been throttling its video streaming service.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Los Gatos-based streaming giant slowed down video speeds on mobile networks to protect consumers from excessive data charges. Netflix said it has engaged in throttling for five years.

KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid says he understands Netflix's reasons for slowing data streams. But Magid says it's important to make sure customers know its happening.

"What they really should do is say, 'Here's what we're doing, and if you don't like it you can un-throttle it. But here's why we think it's in your interest to throttle it so you can save money on the data plan or at least reduce the amount of data you are using," Magid said.

Netflix plans to unveil a new feature in May for its app that will give customers more control over how much data they use when streaming on mobile networks.

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