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Neighbor Wasting Water? Here's How To Get Them Conserving Without #DroughtShaming

(CBS SF) -- In an environmental era marked by passive aggressive #DroughtShaming social media posts, a Bay Area nonprofit is giving tips for (nicely) reminding neighbors to turn off those lawn sprinklers and garden hoses.

Baykeeper released a water conservation reminder note that lets residents can print and attach to a neighbor's mailbox when they see water being wasted.

The printer-friendly note has options for asking neighbors to conserve water by doing a number of things such as adjusting sprinklers to prevent water from spilling onto sidewalks, sweeping pavement instead of hosing it down, or turning off sprinklers while or after it rains.

"Data shows that many Bay Area households are still consuming hundreds of gallons of water per person each day.  So it's clear that more can be done to conserve water.  By raising awareness and taking small steps to reduce water use at home, we will make a difference," said Sejal Choksi-Chugh, Baykeeper Executive Director.

A copy of the conservation reminder note can be viewed or downloaded here.

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