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Narsai David: High Praise For SF's Winter Fancy Food Show Of Delectable Trends

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The annual Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco is history, but this past week certainly was something with 80,000 samples of chocolate, cheese, olive oil and gluten-free-just about anything.

One trend I noticed was plenty of Sriracha peppers. You're probably familiar with the southeast-Asian style hot sauce made in southern California. Many people think it's a brand, but it's more like a word, similar to catsup, or ketchup for the more timely reference.

Also on hand was Haig's Delicatessen. They're now in grocery stores everywhere, but started in San Francisco almost 60 years ago and continue to serve Mediterranean food. You can enjoy their three versions of hummus, baba ghanoush and tzatziki.

There were numerous kimchi producers for your pickled Korean cabbage fix including a company called Sinto Gourmet, available in specialty Bay Area grocers as well as Whole Foods.

In addition to the cabbage, there's a Korean Daikon pickle that is a real show stopper and a brand new product called, "Plenty Roots" that has carrots, red beets, daikon and turnips; plus it's organic.

Finally Richmond's Lotus Foods started by importing red rice from Bhutan. Now they have black and green rice as well as rice noodles made for them that are gluten free to make your own Ramen soup.

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