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Narsai David: California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— California olive oil is making inroads in the culinary world. As a matter of fact, this month's issue of Consumer Reports has an intriguing article on how some top California ranches have produced extra virgin olive oils that are among taste-test favorites.

It's pretty easy to compare and taste olive oils if you're really serious about it. Simply line them up and taste them blind so you don't know which is which and the aromas and flavors that come through ought to be like fresh olives.

The peppery, bright, almost bitter flavor is really an important part of the finest extra virgin olive oils.

There are extra virgin olive oils that are made out of very ripe olives. They'll have a golden color and much less of the peppery quality.

KCBS Food & Wine Reports:

For the people that want that really biting kind of richness, they should get olive oils that are made from very green olives which tend to be spicier and have an interesting flavor.

It's the kind that you should drizzle over a salad or on some grilled meat. For your basic cooking, it's good to use less spicy oil.

Nonetheless, it is fascinating to see the recognition California's olive oils are getting compared to some of the world's great imported ones.

Local restaurants like Chez Panisse, One Market and Gather are all opting to use more and more California olive oil.

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