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Napa County Adds Stiff Citations To Mask Mandate

NAPA (KPIX 5) -- The Napa County Board of Supervisors has put some teeth into a mask mandate, with a new ordinance this week authorizing fines from $25 to $500 for individuals and $200 to $5,000 for businesses that receive repeated complaints for not wearing your mask.

"We need compliance and if we can't get compliance voluntarily, if we can't get compliance through education, Then we'll get it through a citation process, said Board of Supervisors chair Diane Dillon.

The citations are a last resort only for repeat offenders and will be issued by code enforcement employees, not law enforcement officers.

The Napa County Under Sheriff Jon Crawford said the agency's role will be one of support, and if needed deputies are close by.

"It's really an issue that's taken up by the code compliant division and should they find themselves in a situation where they feel unsafe for whatever reason, then we're glad to assist them in their efforts to obtain compliance," said Crawford.

The ordinance states: "Any violation of a Public Health Order in the incorporated or unincorporated areas of the County shall be a misdemeanor, shall constitute a public nuisance, and shall represent an immediate danger to public health and safety."

Supervisor Dillon says she understands the order is hard for some. "We're trying to change human behavior, It's a tall order."

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