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Naked Donald Trump Statue Erected In San Francisco Castro District

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- Donald Trump is making an appearance in San Francisco's Castro District – and he's naked.

The statue stands about six feet tall at the corner of Castro and Market Streets, complete with a flabby gut, varicose veins, and a scowl on his face.  It is missing a few pieces below the belt that the real Trump is likely packing - but this writer can't confirm.

"I think it's fantastic, because he needs to be portrayed as small as he really is," said Inner Sunset resident Melissa Reese, who decided she needed to come and take a photo of the statue when she saw the story online.

"It's amusing," Cliff's Variety store owner Martha Asten said.  Cliff's Variety is a general merchandise store about a block from Jane Warner Plaza.

"It's controversial, I'm certain," Asten said.

But she added that it's sad that it seems to be mocking the human body, which is beautiful.

"I'm flattered that the artist chose Castro and Market as one of the locations, where it is being appreciated by people in the neighborhood," said Daniel Bergerac, President of Castro Merchants.

"I think it speaks to the vibrancy of our neighborhood that we were chosen to be one of the five locations for it," Bergerac said.

"I think it's so lifelike! The emperor has no b---s!" said local Gilbert Criswell. "I think it's hysterical. It's great for business in the area. I think it shows how absurd the Republican party is."

The state has a small plaque at the base that reads "The Emperor Has No B---s." Underneath the title is the word "INDECLINE," the anarchist art collective reportedly responsible for the statues that have popped up at several major cities across the country.

The statue was created by an artist in Cleveland who makes sculptures of monsters for the movie industry.  There are four other Trump statues that have been installed in prominent public places in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle and Cleveland.

The statue in New York City's Union Square quickly drew the attention of people before it was removed by the parks department.

"The expression seems to really nail it. He's always sour-looking," one person said.

"It is through these sculptures that we leave behind the physical and metaphorical embodiment of the ghastly soul of one of America's most infamous and reviled politicians," INDECLINE said in its statement.

Trump's campaign declined to comment on the statues.

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