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Muni Driver Caught Texting Faces Termination

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5 / KCBS) -- Termination proceedings have begun against a San Francisco Muni driver who was seen texting while operating a 24-Divisadero bus.

On February 27th, commuter Shawn Higgins recorded the driver in the mirror, using an iPhone in her lap. Higgins confronted the driver on the texting, but said she forced him and his husband off the bus and threatened them.

KCBS, CBS 5 and San Francisco Chronicle insider Phil Matier said the incident begs the question, why didn't the transit agency investigate Higgins' video earlier? Matier said that they didn't even request to see the video until it showed up on TV newscasts.

"Why didn't Muni follow up with Higgins and ask, 'Do you have a video of this? Bring it on in and take a look,'" said Matier.

KCBS' Phil Matier:

A Muni official said the driver was punished for texting with a 3-day unpaid suspension.

Earlier this week, Muni had to answer questions about another commuter-shot video which showed a door on a crowded L-Taraval train that stayed open during last Friday's commute. The transit agency admitted operator error in that incident, and said it will take disciplinary action.

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