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Multiple guns including AR-15 assault weapon seized from Menlo Park man

PIX Now -- Sunday morning headlines from KPIX
PIX Now -- Sunday morning headlines from KPIX 08:09

SAN MATEO COUNTY – Menlo Park police officers and San Mateo County District Attorney gun violence detectives said they seized numerous guns, including a prohibited AR-15 assault weapon, from a resident who has been prohibited from possessing guns since 2015. 

On Wednesday, police issued a search warrant on suspicion of a prohibited person possessing firearms in the 1300 block of Hamilton Avenue in Menlo Park.  

Detectives said they seized an unregistered AR-15 assault weapon, two handguns, multiple high-capacity magazines, hundreds of rounds of ammunition. 

Police arrested Kristian Arnaldo Arguello, who was previously prohibited from possessing guns and ammunition because of a criminal conviction, and booked him into the San Mateo County Jail. 

The San Mateo County District Attorney's office tweeted about the arrest, including a photo of the arsenal seized.

The investigation was a collaboration between the Menlo Park Police Department and the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office Gun Violence Prevention Program. 

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