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Mountain lion spotted in Rohnert Park neighborhood

PIX Now - Morning Edition 11/28/23
PIX Now - Morning Edition 11/28/23 10:24

Residents of a Rohnert Park neighborhood were alerted after a mountain lion was spotted near homes Tuesday morning.

The Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety said a citizen called at about 6:25 a.m. to report seeing a mountain lion on the Five Creek Trail near the Crane Creek Trail.

The cougar was seen headed east towards Snyder Lane and the mountains, DPS said. Residents were urged to use caution in the area. 

Wildlife experts offer the following guidelines should you come into contact with a mountain lion:

Remain calm and do not approach the animal. Maintain eye contact, speak calmly, and try to make oneself look larger by raising one's arms and standing tall. 

If that doesn't work and the mountain lion approaches with aggression, one should make noise by shouting and throwing objects to deter it from coming closer. 

People should back away slowly and never turn their back and run, but should protect children and pets by keeping them close and never letting them play unattended, especially during dawn to dusk, when the animals are most active.

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